About Egyptian Metal Forming

  • Why Egyptian Metal Forming Company?


      AT&A  is the largest stainless steel importer & supplier in Egypt and MENA region . we are the major key player in the Egyptian market as we supply 70% from the incoming stainless steel material to the whole nation . AT&A has  two major manufacturing bases northern of Egypt. One site is based at its free zone in the city of Alexandria on the Mediterranean sea and the other is based in historic city of Cairo at 6th of October industrial zone . The Egyptian plants were complemented our supply chain by having our purchasing  office in china to plan and follow up with our purchasing , shipping and manufacturing processes 

      AT&A  provide superb product range of stainless steel. We could supply a many products and grades of stainless steel that modern manufacturing different sectors required such as whit goods sector ( washing machines, water heaters ,refrigerators …..) construction sector , cookware manufacturers , and many other industrial sectors . we are  the preferred Manufacturer's Supplier because of dedication to excellence in overall qualities of products & services, and promotes the development of workforce to enhance techniques and proficiency .

      Our cost-effective and innovative solutions are demanded in many industries straddling Our CNC Cutting services, provided by our in-house accomplished engineers and experts, are admired for their commendable efficiency, dependability and flexibility, whereas product line is appreciated for distinctive characteristics and attributes .

      We invest a good portion of sales in R&D activities to enhance mechanisms and technology to support our valuable clients With the guidance and mentorship by our devoted team the company has been embarking on the journey of remarkable success and towering growth, satisfactorily meeting the end users' need with top-quality product line and delightful services. Committed to the mission of providing Stainless Steel rolls sheets and Circles for the last five decades,



      To support the MENA region with the best ever existed material and services with excellency to all our partners  



      • Developing new markets; we offer customized solutions from stainless steel to ready-to-use projects in general contracting. Our clients value on-schedule project completion and our ability to deliver solutions. Our loyal staff are the backbone of our success and we honor them by offering long-term development perspective To raise the limits of satisfaction of current and future partners  
      • Creating a place of employment where we can learn, grow and be fulfilled in the work we do.
      • Making the communities in which we work a better place to live.
      • Providing a return to the company and its shareholders that allow us to finance the company’s growth and reward the employees involved with our success.



      • Integrity – In order for our company to be successful we need to be connected, united and whole. To be in integrity means that all of the units of our company communicate to one and other. Therefore, our integrity is based on our ability to communicate honestly and consistently.
      • Teamwork (Family) – Each of us must consistently act to achieve the agreed upon mission and vision of the team. In order to accomplish this goal we realize that we can only succeed by supporting each other in a respectful and mutually supportive manner.
      • Pride – Each of us must perform our work in a manner in which we are proud of what we do individually as well as collectively as a company. We take accountability and ownership for our individual work and therefore take pride in the work we produce as a company.
      • Productivity (Quality) – Our employees are committed to producing the highest quality product in the industry and in doing so each employee takes responsibility for their role in the overall productivity of the company.
      • Honesty – Being honest is simply being consistent with reality. To be dishonest is to distort the facts and is not in alignment with what we believe.
      • Reality (Fact-Based) – What is, is. We base our decision-making process on the facts. We communicate the facts to ourselves, our employees and our customers.
      • Logic (Objectivity) – We apply logic and knowledge of the facts to all of our decision-making processes.
      • Independent Thinking – All employees are encouraged to think independently and creatively. We must continuously ask ourselves, “How can we do it better?”
      • Self-Esteem (Self-Motivation) – We expect our employees to earn positive self-esteem from doing their work well. We must have self-motivation to have self-esteem. We believe that you receive from your work in direct proportion to how much you contribute. If you do not want to work hard, work somewhere else.
      • Fairness (Understanding) – Individuals will be evaluated and rewarded objectively based on their contributions toward accomplishing our mission and adherence to our values. Individuals are judged based on their personal merits not their membership in any group.

      Product range

      We cover all clients needs from stainless steel materials :


      PVC coated

      Quality Control

      We are committed to being a company of choice and preference for stainless steel cutting products in a wide range of configurations, and are efficient in leveraging best-in-the-class technology to create value and excellence .

      We develop and deliver the top-of-the-line quality and efficiency in the entire product range provided by us.


      Quality Policy Statement

      AT&A an importer and reseller of a range of quality Stainless Steel materials with committed to provid quality products and services to its customers. The responsibility for the provision of quality products and services is shared by all AT&A staff. Management is responsible for the setting, measuring and annual review of quality objectives that are consistent with this policy. Each department is responsible for contributing to achieving the specified quality goals that include objectives and measures for the following parameters:

      • Customers – customer needs and requirements are identified and reviewed on a regular basis to support the provision of fully compliant products and services, customized to specific needs. Management will communicate customer requirements to staff on a regular basis.
      • Processes – processes used to deliver products and services are identified, controlled, measured, regularly reviewed and updated. We also encourage innovation in our processes.
      • Products – we are committed to providing Stainless Steel products to better meet customer needs.
      • People – our people are key to achieving our quality goals. We will identify competence required and develop and support staff to achieve quality and personal goals
      • The Quality Management System and related processes are to be regularly reviewed and improved on a continual basis whenever and wherever possible.
      • The Company’s Quality Management System is based on the requirements of System ISO 9001 The Management team is committed to implementing and resourcing the Quality Management System that is maintained at all levels of the organization.
      • The involvement of all personnel in quality and the emphasis on technical advancement and innovation will ensure the ongoing satisfaction of our customers and the Company’s continued growth.


      Environment and Health and Safety Policy

      AT&A has always continued to work in full compliance with environmental, health and safety regulations.

      AT&A Safety Management Scheme as required from the top management  yearly improvement projects including continuous training of the workers, preventive maintenance programs, NOT (non-destructive tests) for the crucial components of the production facilities, work accidents reduction objectives, updating of the facilities to the best available techniques.

  • Our Factories

    • of October city about 8000 square meters which contains modern cutting lines, coating, and machines for the production of circles and the first sanding lines and scotch bright

      The second one in Alexandria to reduce shipping costs for our customers between Tribal and maritime line. Our factory is special for laser machines, CNC and latest pistons to satisfy our customers

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